Get the London Look!!

We’ve all seen the Rimmel adverts – Kate Moss strutting around looking cool, smudgy eyeliner, blonde hair, and now sporting her very own matte lipstick line!

I’m not sure what Rimmel ever meant by “get the London Look” – if it’s that all us Londoners look like Ms Moss herself, sadly it’s not true. We can buy her new range of make-up though – seems like a fair consolation.

On a little shopping spree to Boots I bought 3 Kate Moss lipsticks and one eyeliner all for just over £10  – pretty great price I thought! I still feel like wearing lipstick is very adult – I know this is ridiculous seeing as I am an adult – it’s just one of those things that still feels a bit mumsy. Don’t tell anyone.

Also – How do you feel about RED lipstick?! I love it on other people, but on myself I do feel as If I’m about to go on stage in West Side Story  at school.

Kate – please can you make some lip glosses:)

The Kate Moss Lipsticks are actually good – highly pigmented and good colour variety. My only complaints are

1. They smell very floral – some may like?!

2. (this is more of complaint to Rimmel / Boots) most of the lipsticks looked like they had been used  – not cool.

3. There was no deep berry colour – I thought Kate was always on trend??!!

Remember bright lipsticks have to look perfect, so always apply using a lip brush.

I’ve posted some pics of the three lipsticks I tried out…

The colours I tried are:

03 (first two pictures)

110 ( second two pictures)

01 ( last two pictures)


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