Glossy Box Beauty and Lady Gaga

If like me you love beauty products and stay committed to those long term faithfuls, but like to… lets say flirt with other products every now and again, you will love Glossy Box Beauty!

This new beauty concept allows all beauty addicts to indulge in 5 new miniature products a month. Simply go on to the website and complete a beauty profile and hey presto a box of goodies, beautifully packaged will arrive at your door. I must point out these are very small products – some larger than samples but not much bigger.
I was excited to try the much anticipated Lady Gaga perfume – “Fame”. I heard a lot about this product; how the liquid would be black and that in true quirky Gaga style the scent would be reminiscent of sweat, or some such other not so fresh aroma.

I was very presently surprised to smell a gorgeous evening scent – by that I mean a scent with some depth but not overly floral. Once spritzed there is a slight blackish hue which disappears almost instantly, leaving the aroma of apricot, saffron and honey drops.  I’m seriously considering buying the large size, after all don’t we all want to be a little bit like the lady herself.

If you would like to see more photos of the other products in the glossy box check out my previous post! I’m sure I will review these products at some point..

Lady Gaga – Fame perfume

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