Glow all out

glow1Soap and Glory is a brand I’ve rarely bought from before, but Glow All Out was one offering that had to join my make-up stash. I like to spread the love like that. In an effort to gain cheekbones where there is only podge *the result of too much ice cream, no doubt* I like to highlight and contour.


Glow All Out fills a little gap in my highlighter collection. I have quite a few but nothing so finely milled,in such a pretty pink shade, that’s so easy to wear. This little number ticks all the boxes, and you can even rock this during the day, without the worry of looking like a disco ball. Guilty.

This is such a pretty, subtle, shimmery highlighter, that it was actually¬† darn tricky to capture photo evidence of this one – hence the Anna face, photo overload, collage. Hopefully there’s one where you can spot a bit of this shimmery goodness! If not, you’re just gonna have to trust me. Pretty cheekbones will be yours. Promise.glowcollage

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