Gold Crush Hair Vitamins

Gold Crush Hair Vitamins

gold crush

You may have noticed that as of late, I’ve been on a bit of a ‘get silky locks‘ mission. I mean, who isn’t? Unless you already have silky locks then erm….yeah, you may as well stop reading. Or perhaps you’ve already discovered Gold Crush Hair Vitamins! You clever thing you. I’ve always been a big believer in beauty from within. I try and eat healthily, exercise and guzzle lots of juice and H2o. So when these vitamins came into my life, I happily agreed to give them a whirl.



Gold Crush utilises the highest quality ingredients to provide the nutrients you need to feed the hair follicles. The idea is that if you take these every day, you’ll be the proud hair-swisher of gorgeous tresses. We all know that taking vitamins is a ‘no brainer’ right? What I didn’t realise is that not all vitamins are created equal. Some are packed with fillers and cheap synthetics, which is obviously not good. Gold Crush on the other hand contains just vitamins. Packed full of Vitamin B, collagen, Biotin, MSM and Bamboo Silica as the core ingredients, these vitamins help to make your hair grow longer, softer and more lustrous, while your nails and skin will also benefit. They also aim to prevent hair loss, shedding and hair greying! Whilst I won’t regurgitate the ‘science bit’ here, you can read the full details about what each ingredient does right here.

The great thing about these vitamins is that not only will they make your hair look better, they’re also fab for your all around beauty needs. With a handy calendar that you can tack to your fridge, you’ll be gently reminded each day to take your vitamins. Quite literally the only thing I struggle with! I’ve just started taking these so it’s probably a bit early to tell if they are really helping, but with a killer ingredient list and the science to back it up – I’m confident. I haven’t been asked to feature in a new¬† hair advert just yet – but watch this space!

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