Halloween bat eyes!

Have you had any thoughts about Haloween make-up? There are quite a few cool images out there, and for anyone into make-up and special effects, this is the one time of year you can go all out, and don your crazy make-up in public!

I saw an amazing image of bat eyes on pinterest which you can check out below:

Halloween look inspired by Batman - The Dark Knight

To re create this look you will need:

Or face paint, and some lashes.

STEP ONE: Apply the  orange colour all over the lid and put similar colour powder on top

STEP TWO: Line eyes with black eyeliner and also powder – Then apply lashes.

STEP THREE: Use a good thin eyeliner pen to draw small bat bodies, then v shaped wings.

As I learnt whilst trying to re-create this look on myself – It is definitely harder than it looks and probably / I’m positive much easier to do on someone else. Also if you are using facepaint or a cream eyeshadow – you must powder other wise the mess really will give others a Haloween fright.

My first attempt didn’t look good, so I thought I would spare you the pictures. I will be having another go though, so watch this space!

Have you seen any good Halloween looks?

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