Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to my lovely readers!

This time last year I was on a cruise to the Caribbean – fast forward one year and I would be experiencing my first Thanksgiving in America. The first before I leave back home to England! Yep – I’m moving back. It’s not because I didn’t love America. I absolutely do. Life is just crazy sometimes. You make a plan and something entirely different happens… but this is also what keeps life interesting and most importantly exciting! I have no idea where I’ll be next year, but as a Sagittarius with a soul that longs to roam – this suits me perfectly. Life is magical and interesting if you just open yourself up to the magnitude of possibilities that are open to you.

I’m massively thankful for you, my readers. This blog is all about fun. There’s more to life than make-up – but it’s a good place to start!

Thank you for reading as always! I appreciate every comment and everyone who stops by. Peace and love. Have a wonderful gobble gobble day! ( I had to say it! )


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