Harajuku Street Style

Harajuku Street Style


One of my favourite places in Tokyo had to be Harajuku and the area around it. It’s so much fun. So buzzy, so exciting and as my bank is well aware – I loved the shops here! Particularly on Takeshita street – yes, that’s what it’s really called! Here you will discover the home of Harakjuku street style, where teenagers dress up in the most elaborate outfits they can muster up and head on over every Sunday to showcase their style. If you’re lucky, you can spot a couple of Harajuku boys and girls on other days too. It’s amazing!

The area to me was a bit like Camden, meets Carnaby Street in London, on let’s say Halloween in America. A total mish-mash of vibes and style, where anything goes. The Harajuku street style is pretty hard to pin point and harder to explain. Think colour, glitter, gems, make-up, bright tights, teddy bears and hair clips. So many hair clips. Then there’s those who love cosplay (costume play) where you dress up as your favourite character. There’s anime and kawaii outfits (cute)  which is all about dressing in a childlike way. Think ruffles, girly dresses and pigtails..

Now, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…IMG_6910

IMG_6436IMG_6860 IMG_6426 The Harajuku Girls Kawaii - (or cute to you and me!

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