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Gotta love Lionel….

Long time no hear. Officially the longest time not blogging, since I began this crazy roller-coaster journey, of beauty fun! I hope you missed me, because I missed all of you! Things in the blogging world got a little complicated, and I basically had to try and become a css coder in a day which was funny *que head banging against a wall* and multiple thoughts of smashing computer against said wall. Fear not though, as it’s all fixed now. Phew. Thank goodness for technical friends, where would we be without you? In my case, crying in a heap of misery on the floor, surrounded by make-up.

I’m back up and running, with a little re-vamp to boot, and brimming with beauty goodness, and more to share with you all. Get ready, cos I’m ready! Oh and happy Sunday!

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