How To: Apply Foundation

How To: Apply Foundation


When it comes to foundation, the options are endless, leaving many rather baffled as to where to begin. Foundation needs to look natural and flawless creating the perfect ‘canvas’ for make-up. Not too much to ask! I’m probably the ultimate foundation addict. Although I do like to dabble in BB’s from time to time, but that’s another story.

Basically, I can’t leave the house without something on my skin, as it completely changes the way I look and feel. Foundation is miraculous, and it can make anyone look like they have flawless skin. Seriously, anyone. If you need a little help in the foundation department, here’s my ‘Foundation 101’ to get you dolls looking flawlessly perfect in a few  easy steps. Simples.

1. The Naked Face:

Let’s start at the beginning shall we? As much as I don’t like pointing out the obvious, foundation needs to be applied to a clean, fresh and cleansed face. Don’t forget to apply a good dose of a great moisturizer to minimize flakes later on, and create the perfect base for make-up. Wait 5 minutes for the moisturizer to soak in before you apply foundation.

2. Choose Your Potion

There are creams, powders, sprays, mouses, sticks… the list goes on. Some foundation are better for your skin type than others. For example, a powder won’t be ideal for dry skins, and a liquid foundation may feel to greasy for those with oily skin. Try different formulas on your skin and see how they feel. Don’t be afraid to go in to a make-up department and ask them to help you. Better still, ask them to apply it for you and wear the foundation around for the day to see if it’s ‘right’ for your skin.

3.Select The Correct Color:

Be sure to ask someone else for help to pick the correct color for your skin tone. If you don’t want to pay the high end price tag, take a sample and choose the closest shade to it in the drug store. Always try out the color on your face – never on the back of your hand or your neck. Your skin is a completely different color in these areas than it is on your face. Always take the foundation slightly down your chin towards your neck, so you don’t create any lines! Blend, blend, blend!

Remember; Skin tone and condition will change between seasons. Don’t try and wear your Summer foundation in Winter and vice a versa. It will look weird. Seriously.

3. Choose Your Tool:

Now you’ve got the correct foundation color, you need to select your tool of choice. The options are sponges, beauty blenders, foundation brushes, or good old fashioned fingers. For me, I find that using my fingers or a brush tends to drag foundation across my face which creates and emphasizes dry flaky patches. It’s not pretty. The Beauty Blender has been my savior, as the bouncing motion that you use to apply product with ‘buff’s’ the product on without dragging. It’s amazing!  Always clean your brushes, and if you have acne go for a brush or a sponge over your fingers, to minimize spreading bacteria.

4. The Method:

You have your tool? Check. Now start in the center of the face and work outwards, blending one area entirely before you move on to the next area of your face. This technique will allow you to make sure the foundation is even and covers each section of the face flawlessly. Never dot your foundation on different areas of your face. Foundation will dry at different speeds making ‘blending’ difficult. After applying foundation, go back in with a small brush or angled part of the sponge, and cover any blemishes and under eye bags.

5. Don’t Let It budge:

Once you’ve created your flawless face you need to seal it all in so it doesn’t move.  Select a translucent powder, or a pressed powder that is suitable for your skin tone, and dust it all over your face. This will make the foundation last a lot longer and also prevent oil build up. If you don’t want a completely ‘matte’ finish, only dust on powder to your most troublesome oil prone areas.

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