How to: Combat Winter Skin

It started off with the mean polar vortex doing it’s worst to much of the land, and goodness knows is darn chilly just about everywhere. I even had to wear a coat this week *gasp.* Although I have to admit, compared to the rest of America, it’s down right balmy in Florida still, but that doesn’t mean we’re not immune to the battle of skin VS winter. Let’s be fair, winter normally wins every time, leaving us with flaky, dry, itchy skin. Lurverly. Well it’s time to start fighting back, and regain a peachy soft complexion, thank you. Here’s some of my favorite ways to combat winter skin.


1. Scrub that bod! Dry flaky skin, won’t make itself silky soft with lotion alone, so whip out your favorite body and face scrub and get to it. I’ve recently been reaching for Victoria’s Secret, Smoothing Body Scrub in Secret Charm, and for the face I love Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion for it’s super fine texture.


2. No to foam cleansers! Now this one is a tricky one, as there is nothing that says ‘clean’ like a nice foaming cleanser, but if you want soft skin you need to ditch the bubbles. Anything foaming can strip and aggravate the skin, which is the last thing we need in the harsh winter weather. Go for a creamy, calming and soothing cleanser like the Origins Pure Cream Rinseable Cleanser.


3. Hyaluronic Acid is your friend! This power ingredient packs a serious punch, as it can retain 1000 times its weight in water – meaning it really attracts moisture to the skin. Search for products with this ingredient in it, to super power your skin care regime. I’m currently using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, and a great budget buy is the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Exfoliating Facial Pads.


5. Beauty Sleep is Everything! The body repairs itself the most when we’re sleeping, so don’t miss out on this prime time for hydration. You can reach for the heavier oils you couldn’t wear during the day, and masks to give your skin a much needed dose of moisture. I’m currently loving the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil, which smells just heavenly, and the good ol’ favorite; Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask. You can also use oils anywhere else the skin is feeling parched, so don’t forget cuticles, feet, legs – if it’s dry, oil it up!


5.Moisturize! Now this is an obvious one, but a lot of people skip moisturizing their body in winter, and this is when your skin needs it the most. I love Secret Charm body butter, by Victoria Secret which is most effective when applied on to damp skin, straight from the shower. Remember, you can carry moisturizers around with you and apply frequently throughout the day to prevent chapped skin. Pop a lip balm and a hand cream in your bag, and you will be silky soft in no time. I’m using the Neutrogena Natural Lip balm, and the best hand cream ever; Eucerin Intensive Repair  Extra Enriched Hand Cream.

Some other lust worthy products I love are below.. click the images to shop!

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