How to: create Ombre Speckled Nails

How to: create Ombre Speckled Nails

Hang on now, a technical nail post from moi!? Say what now? Well, you did in fact read that correctly. I’ve upped my nail game, and I’m taking it all the way to nail art. Yeah! I can’t actually take credit for this one though, as I sneakily spied it, while pouring over the pages of this months US Glamour magazine. Here you will find a very visual photo tutorial, of me trying to cack handedly re-create this beauty of a nail trend. Then a couple of embarrassing selfies of me. You’re welcome. I love the ombre nail trend, and making it speckled, well it just blows my mind:) Plus, If I can do it, anyone can. So…

You will need the following:

  • 2 contrasting nail colours – I used Essie- Blanc and Rock the Boat which ended up looking like clouds:)
  • Bottom coat and Top coat ( optional, but I think yes)
  • cotton buds ( to clean all the varnish after dabbing with the sponge- more on that later)
  • cotton wool pads ( also to remove mistakes!)
  • nail varnish remover
  • plastic ( cling film)
  • sponge ( I used a regular make-up sponge)

Let’s begin;



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