How to do: Paige Thomas RED GLITTERY LIPS

I realised the other day, that quite a few people have visited my blog, hoping to find out what brand of lipstick Paige Thomas from the USA X Factor has been wearing. My apologies people! I wrote a whole post about her, and failed to mention how / where her lipstick came about.

From my experience, you cant get a branded lipstick that has the depth, and coverage of glitter that Paige has on her lips.. but don’t worry, because I have the answer – and it won’t make you wallet weep!

In case we all need a little reminder, below is a picture of the lovely lady, with a rather special glittery red outfit, to match those infamous lips.

So first off, you need…

Red lipstick (I used MAC – LADYBUG)
Red lipliner ( I used MAC – CHERRY LIP PENCIL)
Clear Lipgloss ( I used Lancome, juicy wear topcoat)
Red Glitter ( from any art shop) Don’t worry about buying an expensive make-up brand – just go all arts and crafts!
Lip Brush

Step one: Line you lips with the lip pencil

Step two: fill in your lips with the lip pencil

Step three: carefully apply your favourite red lipstick with a lip brush. ( this picture and the one above look pretty much the same – but it’s all about building up colour so that it lasts!)

Step four: apply a good amount of your favourite clear lip gloss, also with your lip brush. For this – the stickier the gloss the better – the glitter needs something to stick too!!

Step five: decant some glitter – I just poured some on to a tissue. Take a clean flat brush ( not a lip brush as this will be too small) dab in to the glitter and pat on to your lips, repeat until the lips are completely coated in glitter.

Here are a few pics of the finished look for you! I took loads of pictures to try and do this justice – but none of the pictures actually show, just how glittery and pretty this look is.  Have a go, it’s so simple, and very effective!

The only other possible product I think Paige could be wearing, are the lip transfers from violent lips. I haven’t tried them so I really can’t say how well they work.

Hope that helps!

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  • Taylor

    I am sorry to say but although your lips are fabulous on a budget, this definitely is not the same style or technique that Paige’s MUA used. If you look at her lips closely as the photo on shows, she has large crystals on her lips which cannot simply be done with lipstick, lip gloss, and craft store glitter. Although the lip tattoos are a hot new trend I do believe that her MUA did something one of a kind.

    • Thanks for your comment, and great photo of Paige! It’s pretty darn difficult to get a good clear picture of her online. You are completely right though, in the picture you have attached she does have gems not glitter on her lips. I am pretty sure I have seen her on TV with just glitter lips too. Still this look is not too difficult.. like all make up its just about experimenting and having fun!
      This look is just flat backed gems glued on to red lipstick – extremely stunning and effective but do-able!
      I’ll see if I can get my hands on some and do an update “Paige look.”
      Thanks for reading!