How to: do Polka Dot Nails

How to: do Polka Dot Nails

polkadotThere I was, complaining about how terrible I am at painting my nails, fast forward  and boom… I’m all up in there with the nail art tools. After many frustrating nail painting sessions, I actually do think that I can now, pretty capably paint my nails. Result. Hey, it’s not life changing, but its fun and saves money on the ol’ mani sessions. Now if you’re like me, and you’re just starting to dabble in the world of nail art, you need to get yourself a dotting tool – they are fabulous, and honestly should be renamed; Nail Art Tool For Dummies. That is how easy they are to use. Admittedly it was slightly trickier trying to dot left handed on to right hand, but practice makes perfect better, at least in my case anyway!

polkadot collage

So, after applying a base coat, I simply painted my nails in two contrasting colors 1. Essie in Blanc and 2. Topshop in Rainy Day. You then pour out some nail polish on to some plastic ( I used the packaging the dotting tool came in) then dip your dotting tool into you chosen color and dot away my friends… dot away. I bought my dotting tool at Topshop, but I’ve also seen some great ones on Amazon.  I literally can’t wait to create a Christmas themed version of this – red and white polka dots here I come!

One basic tip that goes without saying really, is to wipe your dotting tool clean, with nail polish remover in-between colors. Simples. Nail art neewbies rejoice, the dotting tool makes you look like a pro.

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  • Madeline Rose

    I seriously need a dotting tool to do stuff like this!

    • annarach

      Get one! They’re amazing:)