How to: Exfoliate Your Body

Okay, I know what you’re thinking, exfoliating is pretty self explanatory, rub it on, shower it off, blah blah .. wrong! There is so much more my friends, that’s if you want to be silky smooth, and have a bum to rival any Brazilian beach babes – whom by the way are the inspiration behind Lush’s Sugar Scrub – need I preach the benefits of exfoliating anymore?  So… silky smooth skin *score*, but another added benefit is that exfoliating also helps your skin remain flake free, so any tan you’ve achieved (heat wave or otherwise) will last longer. *Double Score?!* Either way ‘Zohan’ would appreciate your silky smooth skin (or hair) – if you haven’t seen “Don’t Mess with the Zohan” I can’t even look at you right now – just kidding, go watch it and we can be friends again:)

  • exfoliateDry Brush – working upwards from the feet to the heart, dry body brush to exfoliate before showering. This will really loosen dead skin and also help moisturizer absorb into the skin.  Coconut bristles are the best for sensitive skin, as they’re a little softer.
  • Jump into a cool shower – This helps you to cool down and gets the circulation pumping, which is great for the ol’ cellulite. This will also sooth your skin, and help aid the ‘getting soft regime.’
  • Scrub time! – Before you turn on the water apply the scrub, so that the water doesn’t wash it straight off. I’m currently loving the Victoria’s Secret Smoothing Body Scrub in Grapefruit & Red Lily. This smells divine, and it purifies whilst it exfoliates. We all like a multi tasker, am I right?! The grains are also rough enough to give you a thorough scrubbing, and rid yourself of those dead skin cells. I can almost hear your skin.. glow!
  • Get the gloves on: If you have really sensitive skin you can skip this step – if not grab your favorite shower gel, and get scrubbing, concentrate on soles, elbows and knees. Go gentle on sensitive areas like the chest where the skin is much thinner. I’m pretty sure I bagged my gloves at Boot’s, but you can pretty much pick these up anywhere.
  • Moisturize:Rinse off, then pat yourself dry with a towel – what else?!  Massage a body cream or oil in to your skin, concentrating again on dry areas, and cellulite prone spots. Hello upper thighs. Ingredients such as arnica and rose will help to be anti-inflammatory. I love the amazing scent of the Victoria’s Secret  Hello Darling, White Nectarine & Peony for long lasting moisture. Read my full review of this beauty here.

As Zohan would say, I just want to make you “silky smooth”, so get scrubbing people! Not a flake in sight please:)

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