How to: Master the art of strobing

How to: Master the art of strobing

If your attempts at contouring ended up with you looking more like a dishevelled zebra than Kim K -West, the latest make-up trend will have you breathing a sigh of relief! Even my simple guide to contouring can be a little much when your alarm goes off and all you can manage is a slick of mascara. The struggle is real. Well, thankfully the newest make-up trend to hit the beauty scene, otherwise known as strobing is far more forgiving, much quicker to accomplish and easier to pull off in the harsh light of day. You know, where no Instagram filter can save you.

Unlike contouring, you don’t use a darker shade to add depth to your face. Strobing is all about illumination and creating gorgeously glowing, healthy-looking skin. No zebra stripes required. So dig out all your illuminating creams and powders and let’s get started!

How to: Master the art of Strobing – your step by step guide! 

Step 1:

Apply your foundation and concealer as usual

Step 2:

Apply a brightening product under the eyes, on the forehead, down the centre of the nose and chin. Then blend! Avoid blotting with mattifying powder as you’ll take away the glowing finish.


Step 3:

Take your most ‘glowy’ cream product and apply to the tops of the cheekbones where the light would naturally hit. Blend in well and for the extra ‘wow’ factor dust a highlighting powder on top of the cream product and you’re done!

Strobing is the perfect make-up trend for summer. It’s simple and easy to do, plus it will give you a gorgeous glow in the warmer (dare I say – summer) light. This ethereal-looking make-up is a must try, as it’s easy to achieve and won’t leave you looking like a bearded lady. You’re welcome!

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