How to: Rock Tropical Eyes


When the weekend rolls around, it’s time to make a bit more of an effort. Sure, some people like to shun  the make-up or wear their sweat pants at the weekend, but I’m actually the opposite. Seeing as during the week I’m terrible at getting ready in the morning and basically just clothe my body ( no style involved) then simply cover up my blotchy skin… the weekend is my time to go all out, and whip out my huge stash of make-up and practice new looks! I like to have a little fun with my weekend look and reach for colours I couldn’t normally wear during the day. I’m talking busting out the brights for a wonderfully tropical look. This is going to be THE look of the summer so get practicing now!

So to start off I used my normal base foundation – the focus here is all on the eyes, so the brighter the better. I reached for my Make-up Forever 12 Flash Color Case palette and swept the shade turquoise all over my moveable lid all the way up until the brow and underneath the eye. On the actual eye lid I used Bright Blue, and then blended this with my finger to create more of a washed look. Then in the corners of the eye I used the Yellow colour for a vibrant kick. Lastly to give the eyes a final bit of punch, I used my Urban Decay pencil in Ultra Violet underneath the lower lashes.


For the lips I decided to use an equally bright colour to compliment the eyes so I reached for my Kate Moss Rimmel London lipstick in 110.


I think that this look would be a perfect look for a first date, or a casual night out at the pub if you want to look a little different and shun the usual beige and taupe shadows. To ‘rock tropical eyes’ you simply have to exude confidence and wear everything bright. Perhaps even consider head to orange to complete the tropical look.

PS. April Fools!!!

Please don’t do any of the above!!

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