How to: spend 24hrs in London

How to: spend 24hrs in London


London in 24 hours? Let me show you how…

 My absolute favourite thing to do is rave about how great London is. Yes, it rains here and the weather in ‘summer’ is questionable at the best of times but seriously, you can get over all that when there are so many fabulous things to do.

 To be honest I’m a total perfectionist when it comes to recommending places and I put some serious thought into what I tell people to do and where I tell them to go. So, when Eventbrite asked me to put together a 24 hour city guide for London… the pressure was on. I’m a born and raised Londoner (a rare breed, so I’m often told) and the only ‘problem’ with London is that there are just SO many awesome things to see and do, where does one begin? Where?!?

There are plenty of seasonal things to do in London, which you’ll discover when you arrive, but I’m going to take you on what I like to call a ‘day of fun!’ The kind of day I insist on having whenever I can recruit some fellow ‘day of funners.’

First things first, let’s imagine it’s a gloriously sunny day and not raining at all. Ha!

 Right, you need some breakfast.


Make your way to Notting Hill. If it’s Saturday there will be a ton of tourists, so be prepared. Get ready to jostle your way over to Granger and Co for a big breakfast. Think avocado and poached eggs on rye bread or ricotta hotcakes with banana and honeycomb butter, washed down with a freshly squeezed juice. Keep your eyes peeled, I’ve seen many a celeb here! When you’re finished explore the market stalls and antique shops on Portobello Road and check out that famous ‘blue door’ from Notting Hill. Wander further along under the arches and you’ll find some amazing fashion steals.


Seeing as it’s a sunny winter’s day (wink) make your way to Kensington Gardens, check out the palace which is home to many a Royal and spend a moment imaging you were Kate Middelton! When you come back to reality, walk up to the Orangery in the park for a cup of tea pit stop.


 Get back on the train and head over to the Embankment. Come out of the station and walk over the bridge towards the ‘other side of the river,’ taking in the view of the London skyline, a patchwork of old and new. Explore the Southbank, which is full of action, then walk along the river to London Bridge stopping off to take pictures of St Pauls Cathedral and outside Shakespeare’s old hangout, The Globe. If you’re a culture vulture you might like to pop into the Tate Modern on route.



You’re probably hungry right about now! Luckily by this point you should have made it to Borough Market at London Bridge (can you tell I really dig a market?!) Unlike Portobello, this one is all food. The choices are endless and epic and you won’t want to get food envy, so I recommend thoroughly wandering around before you decide what to tuck into. I always go for the calamari, accompanied by a glass of crisp Prosecco.

Borough Market

Don’t forget to take away a heavenly brownie…they’re everywhere but my favourite is from this place. Grab some truffle oil and perhaps some cheese and olives. Hell, take all of it away. It’s all incredible.

Prosecco bar

Before you leave the market, make sure you enjoy a hot chocolate at Rabat 1745, otherwise known as the temple of chocolate in Borough Market. The salted caramel hot chocolates are totally and utterly indulgent and irresistible. You won’t regret it.


 Hop in a cab (you’ve done a lot of walking) and get dropped off in Covent Garden. My perfect evening would include a movie and dinner at the oh-so-gorgeous Charlotte Street Hotel, which is such a cosy sanctuary in the heart of bustling Theatre Land. Their film club is the loveliest way to while away a Saturday or Sunday evening.

Find yourself in London during the week? I love nothing more than watching a fantastic show and in London you’re truly spoilt for choice!

Looking for somewhere to grab a drink after your movie or show? Head to Chotto Matte for cocktails before you fall in to bed for a very well earned slumber.


London – Done.

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