If you buy one thing this month…

As the title of this post tell’s ya’ you’ve all got to run out and buy Seche Vite dry fast top coat. Coming from a self proclaimed nail dunce, I’ve sure enough found a winner in this fast drying top coat. I think I’ve seen this top coat on almost every beauty blog at some point, and I’m probably last on the band wagon about this one, but on it I am.
This product literally does what it says on the bottle, and if you’re like me and literally can’t sit still waiting for nail polish to dry, you need this in your life. It’s surprisingly thick when applied, and almost gel like in consistency, but it will make your nails dry to the touch in less than a minute. I’m still a little careful after this time just because I am the clutz of the century, but this massively cuts down nail drying time. Best part is I know you can get this in both the UK, and US. Amaze.

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