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I know what you’re thinking. Why on earth am I presenting you with a cellulite cream, when you have your pins firmly swaddled in cosy tights and skinny jeans. No skin to be seen! Well, the reason is – smart girls start early my friends. None of this 2 week beach body diet. A little every day goes a long way, and starting your beauty prep for summer now will do you wonders.

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Enter Insta Naturals who have a wide array of beauty products for all sorts of skin care needs. When I was sent this *Insta Natural Cellulite Cream to have a good ol’ test, I instantly fell in love with the scent. If you’re a fan of coco butter – this baby is for you. Like most cellulite creams you have to apply a sizeable dollop to ‘problem areas’ twice a day and massage the product into your skin.  Now, truth be told I’m pretty forgetful at bed time so I’ve only been using this in the mornings. I massage this on to my upper thighs and pretend I’m kneading pizza dough!

Containing double threat ingredients of Caffeine and Retinol, that aim to declare war on the orange peel, this clay like cream is very thick and takes a fair bit of ‘massage work’ for it to be absorbed. The caffeine is supposed to tone and tighten your skin, while the Retinol repairs and restores. The Shea butter and Coco butter are for softness, leaving you with silky soft skin. Plus it smells delish. Very affordable, what this product lacks in luxe packaging, it makes up for in ingredients. You can snag this on Amazon and also on the Insta Natural site here!

While I do think that creams have a place in making the appearance of cellulite less obvious, you also have to combine this with drinking lots of water, cutting down on sugar and getting some exercise in. This is a lovely cream to use though and makes your skin feel super soft which is an added bonus. So start your summer prep now and don’t stress when the sun decides to show!

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