An Interview with Jamie Greenberg! Part 1….

Jamie Greenberg

Jamie Greenberg is fun and crazy talented! You only have to watch her You Tube channel to know that… and then when you realize she’s dolled up the likes of Kaley Cuoco, Lizzy Caplan, Kirsten Dunst, Elizabeth Moss, Lauren Cohan, Felicity Jones and Rashida Jones, you just want this gal to get her hands on your face! Failing that… some words of wisdom always go down a treat. So it would seem as if I got a little too excited and asked Jamie a million questions (cos you know I gotta get the deets!) So, this is part one of a beautiful story… grab your lip gloss… Jamie’s gonna teach you a thing or two!


1. How did you decide you wanted to become a make-up artist?

  • It was really by default. We decided to quit our fancy NYC jobs and move across the country to Los Angeles. I needed an “in between jobs” job. I knew I loved makeup and thought it would be fun to try it!


2. Once you had trained how long did it take you to get to ‘celebrity status’.

  • I never trained. I actually just worked at a counter to hone my skills. From there, I worked as an assistant to big celebrity makeup artists. Over time, I was given a client here and there to do. I built relationships and soon enough I wasn’t assisting anymore and had my own clientele. It took about 4 years.

3. When was your ‘ah’ moment when you realized you had made it as a celebrity make-up artist?

  • When I signed with my agency, I thought I had really accomplished something.


4. Did you, or have you had to assist make-up artists for a long time? If so how do you break away from being an assistant?

  • Yes I assisted some of the biggest artists in the business. You have to serve your time and do your best without expecting anything. If you’re good at assisting and you’re patient, you won’t seem greedy or desperate, so people are more apt to refer you. It took a few years to break from assisting. I still would assist Pati Dubroff if she asked me – she taught me so much and was so generous to me. And she still is.

5. How much of being a make-up artist do you think is based on personality?

I think you have to be great at makeup but for me, personality is my secret weapon. I love to connect with people and make them smile. So making them pretty on the outside and inside is what makes me happy. I think I attract the type of client that is into my personality and vice versa. And there are so many types out there so it’s lucky when you find your match in a client. I LOVE IT!

6. Is it hard to keep the balance between professional and ‘fun’ to work with? Do you have any tips on that?

  • Be yourself. Be yourself. Be yourself. In the beginning I tried to emulate my mentors and I would never really feel connected to the client. After a little time I was starting to just be myself and that’s when I met clients and kept clients! And had fun doing it too! Nothing is more freeing than being yourself.

7. What is your favorite skin care brand?

  • That’s such a hard question. I feel like every brand has something magical. At least one product is amazing!

8. What is your must have product, that you panic about when you get to the last drop?

  • Eyebrow pencils. LOL!! have no eyebrows so I freak out when I get low!


Make sure you check back next Monday for part two of the Jamie Greenberg interview! She’s ready to dish about her Hollywood make-up secrets!




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    Fun interview and great advice! 🙂

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