Us beauty bloggers are can be a fickle bunch. It’s not that we don’t want to stay loyal to certain brands, it just we have a duty to to ‘test’ out lots and lots of brands… and you know, there might be something more amazing around the corner! Naturally I’m a beauty box subscriber. Firstly, there’s the fun factor of receiving a little gift each month ( I’m a December baby, so presents are ma thang!) Then there’s the testing out and discovering new products bit – an addiction – as this blog can profess! So, I parted ways with Birchbox after a year and a half to test out other pastures. Welcome Ipsy!

flutteringlashes ipsy


You may be wondering why exactly I left Birchbox and didn’t just keep both beauty box subscriptions. Well, firstly there’s the financial factor. I’m really not keen on baked beans for dinner every night. Then, a few other reasons which I’m going to do a video about on my You Tube channel here.

DSC04690 fluttering lashes - ipsy

This is a culmination of two ‘Glam Bags’ that I’ve received from Ipsy and I now have the September bag to open. Yay!  Firstly I adore the gorgeous, pink, shiny envelope that Ipsy arrives in. Make-up and beauty is about having fun and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously – I think this brand reflects that perfectly! I also love the idea of the ‘bags’ that the products come packaged in. At first I thought it may be quite annoying to receive so many little bags – but then I realised these would make great gifts to fill with items that you can give to friends and family. These are also the perfect size to put in your bag and take to work with you, fill with make-up items you should really use more often and to travel with. There are a multitude of ways you can use these bags!

DSC04687 Ipsy

Lastly I feel like Ipsy has a lot more ‘big name’ brands to try. On the one hand I like discovering smaller up and coming brands, but on the other, I love trying out newbies from the brands that I know and love. I don’t think I ever received any ‘Urban Decay’ or ‘Bare Minerals’ when I was with Birchbox. The biggest name I seem to recall in the boxes I received was Pixi – but that’s about it. The brands Birchbox have are still fab, but I was looking for something new, and something different. I’m really enjoying Ipsy so far.. although I’m currently up to my eyeballs in mini products. The curse of the fickle beauty junkie, I guess!

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  • Allison @neversaydiebeauty

    So interesting to see what you got in your bags! Almost completely different from mine! I like the Bare Minerals shadow so much I bought another shade shortly thereafter. This month I loved the dual ended Crown brush & the Hiraki lipstick

  • Alina

    It’s like Christmas 🙂

  • Michelle

    I’ve never heard of this, but it looks fun.