It’s A Love Hate Thing

Valentines nails

He loves me, he loves me not…. How many poor flowers, do you think, met their end at the hands of little girls, ripping out their petals? I’m guessing if you’re school was anything like mine, and basically gave you access to copious amounts of daisies, I’m gonna say – A LOT.   As a fun little ‘nod‘ to Valentines day, and the whole love, hate thang, I decided to create this crafty little nail art project. Now, we all know I’m not a nail master, I’m enthusiastic, but that’s about where it ends. Still, I do enjoy the cryptic look of these letters when glancing at them upside down!

Using my trusty Marc Jacobs nail polish in Jezebel, and some letter stickers from good old Rymans ( an office depot stylee store) I painted my nails with two coats of the red color, and then carefully cut out the letters and stuck them on to the nails. Simple, easy, and a fun way to channel your feelings this Valentines Day! Have a wonderful day whatever you’re getting up to! val nails 1

val nails 2

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