It’s all about the gloves!

There is one product in my beauty regime that I couldn’t live without – call it my dessert island essential if you like, a firm staple in the bathroom property stakes – Oh yes –  the exfoliating gloves.

Now don’t under estimate these little beauties, simple yes, effective by.. golly yes! They will do wonders for your skin, leave you peachy smooth, and give you that ‘glow’ that only comes from skin that has a little bit of circulation, every now and again.

I was so surprised recently when an actress friend of mine, told me she had to get her  body in top condition for an upcoming show, and I replied “well you use the gloves of course so what else.. ” but no! She had never even heard of the gloves.

If you too have never heard of them, let me change your world:) So these gloves are intended to be worn in the shower, with gels or foaming soaps. Designed from a rough material, exfoliating gloves will slough off dead skin cells, that typically sit on the skin until they are removed, or fall off naturally.

With all the harsh environmental elements wreaking havoc on our skin,  these gloves are amazing at improving the overall condition and health of the skin. After showering with the gloves, I love using Palmers coco butter, but any of your favourite moisturisers would be ideal.

The only time I have been without theses gloves was when I went traveling to China, and I thought – maybe it’s a little high maintenance to take the gloves. NEVER A GAIN. My skin was so dry, itchy and dull by the time I got back, I vowed that the gloves would accompany me on all future voyages.

The cheapest best beauty product you will ever buy, I give you..


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  • Loved this post! I have owned numerous pairs of these magical exfoliating gloves. I take them even when travelling which I am doing right now (Australia bound!). Their amazing and leave my skin so soft.

    • Thank you, you are so right! It’s funny because people think they make your skin more dry – but oh how wrong! Such a good call taking them traveling, there is no excuse for dry skin when you can buy such a great cheap product:)