It’s all White nails

Did you ever take Tipex, or White Out (for my American friends) on a boring day at school and carefully apply to each of your nails? If not, that’s probably a good thing. I’m sure it was a total disaster on the nail front, but a great way to get around any no nail polish rules. Rebel.

Right now, white nails are ma thang. With a cheeky nod back to school days, and a sophisticated wink to the 60’s, I love Essie’s nail polish in the appropriately named shade – Blanc.


It’s the pale nail trend of spring 2013 that I’m gonna rock in to summer. Yep, I’m cool like that. This minimalistic polish makes hands looked tanned and nails appear clean and understated. This Essie polish is quite runny so you have to be careful when applying this, especially if you are rubbish a painting your nails like me. There’s a reason I didn’t photograph both hands!


I used two coats, and then topped them off with a fast drying top coat.  For those more capable than moi, white nails are also a wonderful base for a bit of nail art. I bagged my bottle at Target for $7.79 but you can get these online, and in the UK Superdrug has a great range on their website.

For those who think white nails are a little tame, fun fact – these pretty much glowed in the dark during my UV  lit yoga glass. If that’s not fun I don’t know what is.

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