It’s An Eyebrow Thing

It’s An Eyebrow Thing


Due to my over eager eyebrow plucking habits of my teens, the brows are now sparse and spindly, as they try to recover from the butchery, that I inflicted upon them. It’s been a work in progress, and I’ve tried threading, plucking and now the Anastasia brow method to try and remedy the problem and create a nice shape. Then I discovered the Anastasia Advanced Brow Enhancing Serum, and hope of some brows growing back was born.

I’ve come across serum’s before that promise to enhance and encourage fuller eyebrows, but all too often they don’t work, so I was a little reluctant to take the Anastasia eyebrow serum for a spin. Reassured by their clinically proven formula that has an advanced combination of 5 peptides, which encourage the growth of thicker, longer looking hair – 100% of people who tested out this product in trials thought so, so I decided to give it a go. Everything else Anastasia does is pretty awesome, so I was hopeful this serum would be too.DSC03784

You apply the eyebrow serum all over clean eyebrows twice a day, morning and night ( or in my case, when you remember.)  Make sure you put the lid on this baby carefully after you use it, as at $38 a pop, this aint cheap, so you don’t want to risk the serum pen drying out.

After a couple of uses I can honestly see a difference. New hairs seem to be appearing, and my eyebrows definitely look fuller. I can’t say I totally understand what’s in this serum, and how on earth it’s managed to work some magic so quickly, but why question a good thing?!  All I know is it’s hypo allergenic and ophthalmologist tested, and truly seems to be working. That’s all I need. Let’s just hope the thicker brow trend is around to stay, because my caterpillars are coming in nicely.

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