Its Christmaaaaaassssssssss!!

I apologize for the enthusiasm of this post, but I do unashamedly LOVE the festive season!!! Although the Christmas merchandise does seem to be hitting the high streets earlier and earlier, I just love all the Christmasy products popping up.

Any of you who have read my blog before know I love LUSH products! The brand philosophy, their campaigns, and of course the incredible fresh organic, hand made products.

So, where better to kick off a little Christmas shopping than the gift queen of the highstreet – LUSH.
Here are some pictures of the things I bought today, and the incredible gift selection LUSH have:

My favourtie Lush showergel has to be SNOW FAIRY. Its Limited edition, as it only comes out a Christmas time, which makes me love it all the more! The Snow Fairy is bright pink with tiny flecks of glitter, and very sweet, smelling like candy floss and pear drops – yum! If you like more musky scents this isn’t one for you.

I then bought 3 bath products, because it’s cold right now in London, and time to indulge in some Lush bath magic.

They all smell incredible, especially Party Popper Ballistic which smells similar to Snow Fairy, and has popping candy inside to entertain you whist bathing!

The Bubblebeard Bubble Bar is so cute – you swirl this in the bath and can use multiple times to make scented bubbles.

Finally Santa’s sack bubble bar is a cute model of Santa’s sack, with presents that you can pull out and pop in your bath. You can use this bar on different days or use it all at once.

Do you have any favourite festive products?

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  • I really want to get snow fairy but I limited myself on my shopping trip (by the look of ur pics, I went just 1 day before you hehe). Loved seeing all the gift boxes out and it actually got me excited about the boxing day sale (err ok yes I know its a bit early – but i <3 their sales!)

    • Such a good idea to wait for the boxing day sales! I’m pretty sure they do sell off snow fairy in bulk in January as they have to get rid of it! Didn’t think about that before, but I will definitely be stocking up!:)

      • I mainly like the sales as they normally do a “spend £30 and get XYZ free” although I loved when they used to let you pick ANY gift box with set dates as your free gift! You could easily get a REALLY good box for free if you went down early! I hope they start doing that again 🙂

  • I didn’t know this! I will definitely be rushing to the sales this year!