Itty Bitty Lippy


I have a penchant for teeny tiny things. I almost bought caviar spoons recently just because they looked so darn adorable. I have never eaten caviar in my life. So, naturally when I spotted this teeny tiny Hourglass lipstick, it had to be mine. I’ve been wanting to try Hourglass for a while, and as the eternal promoter of the ‘try before you buy‘ method, or at the least get an itty bitty version, this lipstick was ideal, and at $10 I think it was quite reasonably priced as well. Let’s face it, the ‘awww‘ factor alone makes this worthwhile.

This lippy in the shade Icon may be tiny but don’t be fooled, it packs a serious punch. Once on its extremely pigmented, so don’t even think about using this without a lip liner. Clown lips don’t look cool. Ever. I made this terrible mistake, which resulted in a lot of post application damage control. This lipstick will bleed, so the best thing to do is use a waxy lip liner like this one, to stop feathering.DSC03335DSC03345

In reality this is more of a liquid lipstick, not quite a gloss but definitely fluid. Once applied it will dry, and I found it feels a little tacky on the lips. I personally love the color, but sadly the camera didn’t quite capture how dark this comes out. It appears more of a tomatoe hue on screen, where as in person it’s a deeper darker red. DSC03353

This is long lasting without any drying effects, although I do suggest you use a lip scrub and lip balm before you apply this. I like this lipstick but I’m not sure I can pull it off with any confidence. It’s an ‘out there’ bold choice, that I normally shy away from. Summer had me dipping my toe in to the pool of corals and oranges, I’m not entirely sure I’m ready for the dark red’s of winter.¬†¬† Still, it’s super cute so it’s definitely¬† earned a place in the make up bag, if only to make me feel like a giant.

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