James Read – Wash off Tan

You won’t really catch me delving into the whole fake tan world, except for swirling on bronzer of course!
It’s not that I’m not partial to a bronzed limb or two, it’s just I’m terribly terrible at applying the stuff. Believe me I’ve tried. I have the tales to tell to prove it. The at home spray tan’s have made me break out inĀ  awful all over body rashes -beautiful. Creams result in ghostly white patches – stunning, and the spray machine has left me looking like I’ve been digging (bare handed) all day in a dirt patch, and dancing in something unsightly. Imagine a girl with feet that look like she’s wearing little black socks, and hand’s and knees that would give Peter Pans’ lost boy’s a run for their money. That’s me, and it’s not glam.

The only other tantastic treatment that works for me is donning the little paper knickers, and having a lady pro expertly spray the tan on. Then, I discovered the incredible products from James Read, the tanning expert and industry consultant with over 10 years experience. He is the go to man, for models and celebs when they want to feel like bronzed goddesses, and it’s easy to see why.

I put the James Read Wash off body tan to the test, and I was amazed. For best results you’re supposed to use the James Read tanning mitt in long sweeping motions, but I just I applied this with my hands and made sure I thoroughly blended it in. The color is so natural, not the slightest bit sticky, and the best part is you can build the color. Want to look darker? Just let the first coat dry, then apply the second coat on top. I love this if you feel a little bit pale, and pasty legs are crying out for a little warmth. It’s also wonderful for hiding imperfections. We all know cellulite looks a hell of a lot better with a tan. Plus, there’s no chance of mistakes with this beauty.



I think you can see by these lurverly pictures of my hands, that the color is very convincing, that of a two week holiday to Spain perhaps!? Whilst it won’t replace the all over spray tan ( only with ma lady), its amazing for a quick fix. Love, love, love.

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