Jamie Greenberg Part 2

part two jamie gb

Welcome, welcome to part two of my interview with Zyrtec celebrity make-up artist Jamie Greenberg!! In case you missed part one, you can catch it here!

If you don’t know already, Jamie Greenberg is a make-up artist to Hollywood stars, she  did the make-up at New York Fashion Week and most recently, she’s teamed up with Zyrtec to create a series of celebrity-inspired looks, to help women combat Allergy Face. This is one wonder woman you wish you had on speed dial!

Here’s some of Jamie’s top looks for allergy sufferers:

  • Mysterious Muse: It’s time to ditch the bright colors and embrace earthy tones. With muted shadows and dewy cheeks, this look moves all attention to the lips and is especially helpful when trying to disguise a red nose, detract from watery eyes and play down puffiness.
  • Eyemagination: As you’re getting ready to refresh your fall wardrobe, consider giving your traditional eyeliner technique a refresh, too! By using eyeliner to transform the shape of your eyes, you’ll not only be totally on-trend this fall, but you’ll also be helping draw focus away from watery eyes and puffiness.
  • Glamourous Snow Angel: This look is perfect for the holidays and for camouflaging a red nose! Adding a bold lip, some just-in-from-the-cold cheeks and a little sparkle around the eyes will have you looking glamourous this holiday season

Obviously I had to ask Jamie some other questions too! Check it out below!


  1. What is your must have product that you panic about when you get to the last drop?
  • Eyebrow pencils. LOL!! have no eyebrows so I freak out when I get low!


  1. How helpful would you say YouTube has been to your career?
  • So helpful. My main goal is to make women feel more comfortable inside and out.  That’s why I love working with Zyrtec to help combat allergy face. The ability to make people laugh and teach them about makeup so they feel better, that feeds the interior and exterior for me. And I get direct feedback and have a dialogue with people all over the world. It’s small scale now but I keep growing and LOVE every minute of it. It’s a true blessing, that YouTube! 


  1. Your videos are fun and exciting to watch. Do you have any tips for anyone trying to break into youtube?
  • Just start. I waited years to put something up. Again, just be yourself and get it done. You have to start somewhere. I love doing it and now it’s become part of my week!


  1. Do you edit your tube videos yourself or do you have help? If so do you have any tips on where others can learn some fun editing skills?
  • My husband has a production company so I use some talented people through him. But there are so many user-friendly editing software programs available to everyone. If you want to do it yourself you can take a class online or actually learn about it on YouTube. Some are so easy that it just takes a little practice to use them.


  1. What shoot / job has been the most fun or memorable to work on and why?
  • That’s such a hard question because I really have so much fun on so many of my jobs! Maybe the first time Kaley Cuoco hosted the People’s Choice Awards. It was so fun to see behind the scenes and how it all comes together after rehearsal. We also did like 6 lip changes – that was fun too! It was also fun to see her go live in front of so many people. That was also one of the first videos I ever made too. LOVED IT!


  1. If I told you I was coming to Hollywood to become a make-up artist tomorrow (pretend I’m already trained) what would you advise me to do?!
  • Get a job at a counter or makeup store. Hollywood is buzzing with “business folk” so if you do someone’s makeup and they like you, they might use you or know someone who needs makeup for something. It’s all about connecting with people. Assist people at agencies that you’d like to be signed with. Also, test test test! A body of work is important to get jobs so I would encourage you to find photographer’s you like and email them directly…telling them you’d work for free to test for work. With the internet, it’s easy to network!


  1. If you weren’t a make-up artist what would you be doing?
  • I’d be teaching an exercise class… either yoga, spinning or cardio kickboxing. It’s a passion of mine to work out – one of my favourite things to do!


  1. What is your favourite foundation – for personal use and for the celebs?
  • A tie between Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – which is hydrating so it’s great for allergy suffers like me who get allergy face – and Suqqu


  1. You have 5 mins to get ready in the morning, what do you do?
  • Moisturize/protect
  • Concealer
  • Mascara
  • Blush
  • Lips….done and done


Lastly, do you have any tips for aspiring make-up artists?

Have patience and assist. Be on time, wear a smile, take initiative, and be a pleasure to be around. Also clean your brushes and kit!

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