Japan’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

Japan’s Best Kept Beauty Secret

marine collagen

So I’m about to let you in on a little secret… When I was in Japan the must have beauty product that I saw everywhere was collagen. It was in every pharmacy, everywhere and I seriously would have filled my suitcase with the stuff if it wasn’t already crammed full of clothes and make-up. Japan’s best kept beauty secret is not such a secret over there, it would seem as if all the Japanese women guzzle and eat it by the truck load, but here it seems like a neewbie on the beauty block. These days I’m up for trying anything hailed as ‘anti-ageing’ so when I was asked to test out ProProlenish marine collagen, I couldn’t be more excited!

Designed to curb the onset of ageing, the idea is that if you drink collagen, you’ll look younger for longer because our natural collagen levels drop after your mid twenties. This innovative new health and beauty supplement ProPlenish marine collagen comes to you straight from Australia and helps to naturally replenish the bodies collagen levels from within, to address the signs of ageing. The idea is that if you have higher collagen levels, your skin will become more hydrated and plump, fine lines are reduced, hair is strengthened from the root and weak, brittle nails are rejuvenated. There is nothing not to love about that.


ProPlenish edible marine collagen is sourced using the world’s purest form of collagen. Simply dissolve this fruity tasting collagen powder in to a drink, guzzle up and let the beauty from within shine through. I’ve been using this on and off for a while now and it can be hard to tell if there are dramatic results or not. What I do know is that I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my skin lately and I haven’t been really been using anything new bar this. Plus, Japanese women always look amazing in my opinion. Just sayin…


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