My Top 3 Looks from the Oscars 2014

I feel that it would be just plain rude not to mention the Oscars. Yes they were a week ago, but I love Hollywood glamour, so it’s never too late to discuss. I had to soak it all in before I could come to any conclusions you see. The Oscars are the royalty of the award shows. This is when nothing is too much, and a simple braid is frowned upon – I’m looking at you Jennifer Aniston.

The Oscars are a time to call up the best stylists, get the most flawless make-up applied, have your hair coiffed to perfection, and basically look better than you did on your wedding day. Not too much pressure then. I have picked my three favourite looks from this years Oscars, and I chose them for their ‘entire package result.’ There were so many amazing dresses, that goes without saying, but to bring that all together with hair and make-up to achieve one stunning look, well that’s something else entirely.

Kerry Washington - Oscars 2014

My First Top Look; goes to the ever so stunning Kerry Washington. I just adore the colour palette of this look. The mauve dress, teamed with the deep plum lipstick, and the wash of an apricot blush on her cheeks – well, it’s amazing. Her hair looks glamorous and volumized, and I love the big wide eyed look that the lashes create.

Lupita Nyongo's Stunning Oscar Look


The Second Top Look; goes to Lupita Nyong’o for her incredible skin tone that looks good paired with any shade. This powder blue dress is totally dreamy. To me she looks like an ethereal beauty, and this look is totally Oscar worthy. The headband adds to the enchanted feel of this look, and the pink lipstick teamed with the brighter red blusher wouldn’t work on most people, but she totally rocks it!


Charlize Theron 2014 Oscars

My Final Top Look; goes to Charlize Theron for the stunning simplicity of her look. It’s a natural glowy look, but she adds a little drama with the thick liquid eyeliner. Whilst she lets the black dress and diamonds do the talking, her make-up doesn’t let the look down. I love the peachy blusher, and peachy lipstick. Subtle but effortlessly glamorous.

Now all I need to do is go and watch all the Oscar winning movies! *Slaps wrists*

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