Kim Kardashian’s Favourite Powder!

bennye1Love her or  otherwise, you can’t deny that Kim Kardashian’s make-up is totally flawless. Always. That is most likely thanks to Mario Dedivanovic her dedicated make-up artist, responsible for creating the concealer triangle trick, he uses to illuminate and contour her face. No clue what I’m yabbering on about….no worries I have the whole article for y’all right here. I’m a Kardashian fan FYI, the show is just too addictive! I even have her leather jacket, well Kardashian Kollection jacket to be exact.  Still Kim’s right?!

Mario and Kim have no doubt masterminded the made-up face to perfection, so when I heard that they love using Ben Nye‘s Luxury Banana Powder, I got straight on to Amazon and ordered me some. I am cool. For those of you who have never heard of Ben Nye before, it’s is a professional make-up brand used in the media, theater, movie worlds, that is only available online.

So what is this banana powder?

Well, the name would appear to come from the very yellow color of this powder, but it is in fact translucent, with just a hint of color. It’s only colored yellow so that your skin won’t appear ashy – an unfortunate side effect of some translucent powers.  This powder is ideal for those with olive or tanned skin, but it would make fair skin appear yellowish. It’s very finely milled, perfume free, and is excellent at absorbing oil, and keeping your skin matte. DSC02563

The only really annoying thing about this product is the packaging. As you can’t get into the stuff to dip your brush in, you have to decant it, which ultiamtely means you waste a lot of product. Rubbish. Although, from stalking the Ben Nye website, it looks as if Banana powder will soon come in new packaging that you CAN dip your brush into.

Mario uses his beauty blender to press the Ben Nye Banana Powder on to Kim’s face, keeping her looking matte, and highlighted in just the right places.

Loving this powder a lot right now, and whilst I haven’t dabbled in the whole Kim contouring yet, that’s on my ‘to do’ list.  I hear that Mario also does make-up classes too. Sign me up!


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