Lashings of Lashes!

I’m loving the new crazy creative lash craze at the moment – It’s not exactly day time wearable but very fun if you are going to a party.

Paperself has to be one of the most creative lash companies, making lashes as intricate as the London sky line.


They have stockists in a number of European countries, as well as the USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, and more!
They aren’t cheap at £12 a pair, but very unique all the same.

I’ve had a little look around for some high street lashes that are a fun way to experiment with this trend!


Top- Accessorize – Trick or Treat, Lace Eyelashes – £7.00
Middle – Primark Fashion Lashes – £1.00
Bottom – Primark Define Lashes – £1.00


Trick or Treat!


Starry Eyes – Primark Fashion Lashes

Primark Fashion Lashes


The Accessorize fake Lashes; as dramatic as they are, really should come with a disclaimer: Do not operate machinery whilst wearing these lashes! You will have limited eye sight, and possibly no clue who you are talking too, especially if  intoxicated. Wearers do so at their own risk.. ha ha!!

The Primark Fashion lashes are seriously light in comparison to the Lace lashes.. I think these would have more staying power on a night out – as you won’t be tempted to rip them off your eye lids.

At £1.00 I think they have to be the clear winner!

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