Lazy Girl Beauty #2

I have a confession to make.  I love wipes. Most kinds of wipes, but definitely not all wipes. My current favorite are the Olay Fresh Effects S’wipe Out Make-up Removal Cloths. See, these are in fact fancier than wipes, they are cloths dahling.  Have any beauty bloggers fainted yet? It’s OK… *scrape jaws off ground*, skincare queen Caroline Hirons gives wipes the thumbs up; as long as they’re being used for/at the 3 F’s – Festival’s, Flights and I’ll leave the last one to your imagination.


Firstly it goes without saying that wipes are a lazy gal’s go to beauty item. Do I need to list the pro’s? Easy, quick, simple, quick….The fact I’m not using these whilst at a festival, or on a plane, or… well, it’s just details.

While I’ve never really been an Olay fan before, in spite of my mums product pushing of Oil of Olay, which I don’t even think exists anymore – I now like them, a lot. The brand is going for a fresh (it’s all in the name) new image, with great products to go with it.

The Olay Fresh Effects wipes are beautifully scented, not so overpowering as to be annoying, just a nice, clean, refreshing fragrance. They remove make-up remarkably well, and the best part is, they don’t irritate my super sensitive skin or dry it out. Some wipes leaves my skin stinging, rashy, red and blotchy, but these wipes are just what this lazy gal could hope for. I love these, and will be stocking up now, as I basically used them every night instead of my normal skincare routine. Opps.

The only sad part is they don’t sparkle like a teenage vampire. See above picture if you think I’ve gone mad. That was just me having fun with editing. Sorry.

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