The Leighton Denny Nail Essentials

The Leighton Denny Nail Essentials

They say that practice makes perfect and that sentiment has definitely paid off when it comes to me doing my nails. Then again, it’s hard not to want to practice when you’ve got gorgeous polishes from Leighton Denny to play around with. Leighton Denny Expert Nails has some incredible colours to choose from and offers up a range of multi-award winning nail essentials, that can help any cack-handed nail enthusiast get the job done beautifully. Cut to me trying to do my nails a couple of years ago and there probably would have been more polish on skin than on the nail itself. Now, I can paint my digits and have them looking (almost) professional which is a massive achievement. I mean, if you can’t blow your own trumpet… who will?leighton Denny

Tribal Fever!

The Leighton Denny Tribal Fever Nail collection is made up of some truly gorgeous colours, all highly pigmented and perfect for summer. The range of bright colours in the Tribal Fever nail collection look amazing on both the hands and feet and offer up a lovely bright contrast to get you in the summer vibe. I’ve recently been rocking Tribal Dance (first on the left above) – a bright strawberry red that looks perfectly glossy for days.

Other colours in the collection from left to right are Dessert Rain, Queen of Congo, Tiger Tamer and Skinny Dippin’. Let me just say, the above picture really doesn’t do these vibrant shades justice. The best part is, the brush is wide and easy to control, allowing you to paint the entire nail in just 3 easy sweeps. I like to apply two coats, for maximum impact.

Leighton Denny Manicure Essentials

Still, before you get to select which rainbow hue to sport, you’re going to want to file and shape those talons. That’s where the Leighton Denny Must Have Mani Makeover comes in! Complete with a trio buffer, a crystal nail file and a cherry blossom hand cream for long-lasting softness – you’ll be able to master soft hands and healthy nails in a flash. I’m getting to the point where I really don’t feel ‘dressed’ if I don’t have my nails done, so these fab nail polishes and mani essentials are really helping this gal out.


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