Let The Good Times Roll

Lush - Let the good times rool

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Lush. Hand made products, all natural and animal lovers – seriously how could you not be crushing on this brand! Obviously as a beauty blogger I get to try out a lot of products, but my new favourite face wash is “Let The Good Times Roll.’ A hybrid of a cleanser and exfoliator – this smells so good, I seriously want to get out a spoon. Just smell it if you don’t believe me!


The above picture attests to how much I love this beauty. I’m already onto my second pot of this, so you know I thoroughly tested this out before I breathed a word to you! A heavenly smelling light exfoliator – think delicious popcorn and you’re there. That’s probably because there’s real popcorn in this pot of yummy-ness! The glycerine and corn oil in this will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and full of moisture, while the corn meal, maize flour and popcorn help to scrub away flaky skin. All you need to do is scoop out a small piece of this, mix it with water and scrub away! When you’re done, just rinse to reveal the softest baby skin ever.

You won’t need to use this every day and if you do, you’ll go through it seriously quickly. Just use this 3 times a week and your skin will seriously thank you for it. Adore!

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  • Alina

    I will have to try this out! I love that store.

  • Terra J. Sweeps

    I am not familiar with this product… but a good cleanser that is nourishing as well can be hard to come by. Thanks for the review. I will be looking for this item.

  • Lydia B.

    I question those who don’t actually like (or really, love) Lush. 😛 I haven’t picked up any new Lush products in so long because I’m still working on my last haul from them… But I may check this out the next time I’m shopping!

  • Michelle

    Soft baby skin–sounds great!

  • sounds like a wonderful product.

  • Sometimes I wish we could smell through monitors 😉

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