Lets talk pink…


We all know that pink is synonymous with ‘girlyness‘ but what it also stands for is togetherness, supporting each other – most importantly through one of the most difficult times anyone woman will go through – breast cancer. There are so many ways to spread awareness and show our support – so for the Beauty Bloggers of Central Florida, we’re talking our favourite ‘pink’ cosmetics!

For me, I can’t get enough of a pink lipstick and I feel like anyone can pull off  this shade! It instantly brightens your face, adds as a pop of colour, and is much, much easier to wear than any red lipstick on the market. Fact. Whether you’re a gloss gal or you’re all about the traditional lippy – you can wear pink and it will look totes amaze balls. Oh yeah!


So enough of my jibber jabber, I’ll let you in on my favourite pink lipsticks that are lip smackingly good. You read it here first.

Mac Utterly Fun: is a bright vibrant, creamy pink and as the name would suggest it’s totally fun! Pair with a gold eye, for a sleek and modern look.

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in  210 : This is the ultimate matte lipstick. Not for the faint hearted it’s super bright and full on mega watt colour. Love this for a bold statement look.

Revlon Sweetheart Balm Stain in 025: I totally adore this colour and it was my go-to shade this summer.  A sheer pop of pink will always put you on the fashion map – but in a safe, understated way. This is a great one for those who are perhaps a little shy of the ‘pink.’ Go for this baby – blot it off  if it’s too bright…. pretty, sweet and very flattering.

Mac – in (who knows) – I’ve gotta say, my absolute favoutrite colour has had the label peel off and I have no idea what it’s called. * Sad face* It’s an amazing ‘barbie-type’ shade. It’s not too bright and it’s wearable in the winter months. Sadly I have no idea what it is ( if anyone has a clue leave me a comment) I know that doesn’t help you much, but I fully intend to go in store, lippy in hand and get to the bottom of this lipstick mystery!

Now it’s your turn to dish – what are your favourite pink coloured products?

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