Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

I love Liz Earle skin care, and the brand philosophy in general, so when I got given a free Sheer Skin Tint with my last purchase, I was of course pretty excited. It’s not long ago the brand launched their make-up line, and I had yet to try any of it!

So… what did I think?

Well.. I was given four samples before I opened my full size to make sure the colour was correct. I was actually very surprised by how thick the product was. I don’t know why but I was expecting more of a tinted moisturiser, and this was more like a foundation. The coverage is surprisingly good, but the texture for me is too thick – it’s almost like a gluey consistency – I don’t know if any of you have tried mixing beauty flash balm and foundation but if you have, the texture is similar to this! The product is supposed to leave your skin looking dewy, but I don’t think many people who be happy with just the Sheer Skin Tint – I definitely think you would need a powder to take down some of the shine. There’s dewy, and then there’s greasy chip pan face..

On to the colour….

So I tried the samples – I found the beige 02 was slightly too dark for me – my mum even asked whether there was good weather in the Cotswolds  – no no, it rained all week.  The shade lighter than this  – Bare 01 is too light – and there in lies the dilemma.

1. Use the darker shade and tone down with a lighter powder

2. Use the lighter shade and warm up with a bronzer

Neither are ideal. This is why I always like to buy custom blended foundation.

I don’t think the product is lightweight as advertised, but with SPF15 and added botanicals, if your skin fits into one of the four shades you may just love the product.



From left to right the colours are:

Bare 01 – Fair skin tones

Beige 02 – Medium skin tones

Beach 03 – Medium to dark skin tones

Deep Bisque 04 – Dark skin tones

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