Lunch at Bao

Lunch at Bao

Lunch at Bao is something of a phenomenon that’s going on in London right now. It’s part of what I like to call ‘the blogger approved restaurant’ scene. You know the ones. They’re the restaurants that really don’t have to do any marketing because their social media buzz is red hot. Thanks to all those perfectly-positioned, foodie-snaps on Instagram and the news that oh my goodness they’re dishing up fried Horlics ice cream (or some other awesome concoction) – blogger approved restaurants are London’s hottest haunts.

Fast forward to a bit of queueing in precarious weather conditions and you’ll be getting ready to face plant into tiny sticky buns of deliciousness. This is called jumping on the I-must-try-that-place bandwagon…but let me tell you, it’s the only bandwagon to be on and it’s truly one of the best things about London. The only problem with a blogger approved restaurant is that; when you tell them, they will come. Which means lunch at Bao must be a planned activity that requires patience. Don’t go there starving or the wait is sure bring out your ugly side.

Bao LondonHead on over to Bao and join the queue behind this sign on the opposite side of the road. The queue alone is worthy of a visit, as you spot bloggers from around the world who’ve made the pilgrimage to eat sticky buns at Bao. You’ll look longingly across the road, into the restaurant where those who have come before you are merrily chowing down on Korean yumminess. Your time will come. Use the wait to ponder over the menu and Insta-stalk the dishes you want to feast on. 

Bao menuAs a non meat eater there’s not an awful lot to get stuck into, but what there is, is just so good. I particularly liked the Daikon (pickle) sticky bun, the garlicky spiced scollops and the sweet potato fries which are everything. I think I would go back just for them. The dishes are small, but packed with incredible flavour.

Bao sticky bunsThis little tea pot is just so cute, it had to be done.

Lunch at BaoI went to the Soho Bao, which is one of my favourite parts of London to walk around on a Sunday. The streets are empty ( for London standards) and you can actually see all those blogger approved joints you’ve heard so much about. Bao is all that and more, you just need to check out their Instagram hype to see why.

Bao: 53 Lexington Street, London,W1F 9AS

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