LUSH Enchanted eye cream

I’ve probably told you of my eye cream woes, but If not I shall recap!

In a nut shell: every single product I  try, whether it’s for under eye bags, fine lines, puffiness, moisturising etc, etc – just make my eyes look worse – dry, blotchy and inflamed.

I’ve since learned that it’s the preservatives in eye creams that can cause irritations, yet at the same time they are necessary, as bacteria and bugs that can occur without preservatives, can cause eye infections.

It’s a tricky one!

Well I’m pleased to say I’ve had a breakthrough!

Lush Enchanted Eye cream is the perfect light, refreshing product, and because unlike some creams it’s not ‘fatty,’ it won’t cause your eyes to become puffy. It has actually healed the inflammation under my eyes, and reduced fine lines. The sweet almond oil and lavender honey water is so soothing and moisturising. It’s the only product I can use under my eyes that doesn’t cause irritation, and actually works.

It’s £11.50 for a 45g bottle, but it lasts you a really long time. If you have ever had eye troubles like me, I would definitely give this product a try.

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    • 26 October, 2012 / 5:27 pm

      Oh thanks for the tip I will definitely check that out!