Every time I have a make-up job, my first port of call is always MAC. Namely because they have a fantastic discount for make-up artists *wallet likey;)* but also because of the stylish, sleek and ever evolving products.

This HAUL wasn’t super exciting as it was more of a necessities purchasing trip. I originally walked into replace my eyeshadow palettes, and walked out with quite the selection of other bits and pieces *oops!*

MAC have just brought out some new palettes which I love. They are much more durable than the old palettes, and can contain either 16 eyeshadow, 8 on both sides, or you can mix and match with 8 shadow and blushers. I won’t bore you with other combinations, but you get where I’m going with this! It’s basically a make-up organizers dream come true. If you still buy individual shadows I strongly suggest you move over to the re-fillable palettes, you will love them I’m sure!

I also had to buy some make-up Demi wipes. I’m always dubious about make-up wipes, as they can really dry out, and irritate the skin. The MAC artist recommended them, so in the bag they went. I wasn’t sure how great they would be, so I also bought a mini eye make-up remover which is pretty good.

Next up I bought a couple of eye shadows, as no one likes a palette with empty spots. Or at least I don’t, I’m sure normal people don’t mind! I bought Amber Lights, Honey Lust, Wedge and Blanc Type.

Lastly was a bit more of a boring, but oh so necessary purchase – the obligatory brush cleaner. I regularly shampoo my brushes to clean them, but for quick sterilization you can’t go wrong with some brush cleaner. Not forgetting a couple of sponges, which is normally my preference over a foundation brush.

That’s my MAC HAUL. Next time I’ll get more fun stuff, for you guys. Aren’t I good to you!
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