Mac: Plumful Lipstick

Mac: Plumful Lipstick

When I think about my MAC lipstick collection, the colors that spring to mind are hot barbie pinks, bright oranges, and lovely corals. I guess because I always think of lipsticks as rather grown up, and officially mum territory, I have to do the bright, outrageous fun colors to keep it youthful! Then.. plumful came into my life.

I  feel like there’s been a beauty blogger buzz about plumful before now, either that or it some how whispered “take me home” as I streamlined straight to it, declaring my love.

Plumful is super moisturizing very pigmented, and a lovely tasteful, pretty pink. I would go as far to say, this lipstick wouldn’t offend anyone – the true sign of something grown up in my books.  Neon pinks, and hot reds move over – plumful is now officially in my life.


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