Mac’s NEW Make-up Brush

Mac’s NEW Make-up Brush

DSC03643Just when you thought you’d seen it all, MAC churns out the hairy baby of a brush. You would be forgiven for thinking these were some kind of bizarre toothbrushes, or tiny furry creatures attached to a handle. I wouldn’t let my chihuahuas clap eyes on them. They have quite the thing for destroying make-up brushes as it is, then introduce the ‘could look like an animal they could comfortably take on’well... adios new crazy brush, and that would be sad, because I like this new contraption. I really do.


So, the idea was that these brushes were actually meant for make-up artists. The wide handle, with an excellent grip for maximum control, and the unconventional direction of the bristles, meant that  when you apply this on others, the precision is superb, and your view  isn’t obstructed. It makes sense it you think about it. Conventional brushes when applied on other people, point towards the face  in an almost ‘poking’ manner where as these can be held comfortably without having to position the brushes at any weird angle. Does that make sense!? Basically, they are weird looking but they work.

These brushes have synthetic bristles, and are highly dense, allowing for excellent application. Instead of dabbing or swirling color on to your face, these brushes are designed for products to be pushed, or glided across the skin. As you can see I only managed to pick up the Oval 3 Brush, and the Linear 1 Brush. Sadly the larger face brush was out of stock. Did I mention that these brushes are incredibly soft, and blend product like no other!?  The Oval 3 Brush can be used to apply eyeshadow, or concealer, and the Linear 1 is ideal for applying eyeliner to create a softer smokey look, or even filling in eyebrows.

Now I know you’re probably thinking that you won’t be applying them on anyone else, so what then?! Well, they are still fantastic. If not for the novelty of seeing peoples quizzical faces ponder what on earth is in your make-up bag. Truly though, they make applying eyeshadow a dream and create an effortlessly rounded shape, that I often struggle with.

Who knew you could re-invent the make-up brush! Whatever next! 🙂

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