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Ever found yourself in a bit of a make-up rut, applying the same products, creating the same look day in day out? Well, I came across a little site recently that you may find a bit interesting. Make-up brushes at the ready, it’s time to get creative peeps!

MakeupBee is a great online sharing community, of make-up looks. It’s sort of like a Facebook page, where you can have friends, follow others, upload your own looks and tutorials, and view those of others. You can also search looks using the filters, and take a peek at the trending looks on the site.

I think this site is really fun, and a great source of inspiration if you’re looking to create a new make up look. My only complaint would be that most people only upload pictures of just their eyes, and I feel like a make-up look isn’t coherent unless you can see the entire face, and what’s going on else where. Hello lips? What’s going on with you? The uploading of eyes only obviously isn’t a site protocol, but more of a user preference I guess.

I also think it would be great if people added details of whether they had used airbrushing or photo shop on their images. This would help people to have a realistic idea of how their make-up should look in real life, when they are at home trying to re-create the same looks. I’ve personally been witness on so many shoots to extensive airbrushing, where I just wish a little disclaimer would be added stating that airbrushing had been used.

Obviously a large part of make-up is creating an illusion and a fantasy, and so for this reason I feel like the site is very inspirational and most of all fun. I personally love looking at what others create.

Have a little look and see what you think. It may just make you want to try something. It may sound silly and a little *ahem* deep, but remember that if you practice applying make-up, like you would any skill, it’s the only sure way that you will become great. At make-up that is, not in life! Now that would be deep *chuckles*

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