Wanna look like a Kardashian? Well now you can!

“Makeup has been an essential part of our lives for so long. Like fashion, it’s always changing and evolving just as we do and we can’t wait to share this new venture with our fans!” claim Kim, Khloe and Kourtney.

It’s one of those ideas that when you hear about it, you wonder, why didn’t this happen earlier, it’s just so obvious! I am of course talking about the new make-up line that the Kardashian sisters have announced, they will be bringing into Ulta stores in December.

The gorgeous trio already have books, fragrances, clothes and even a home collection to their names as well as their Dash stores that regularly feature in their show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ It is obviously the next natural step for the girls to officially take over the world.

Love them or hate them, you have to respect their ability to keep us keep watching, and shift some products along the way!

Khroma Beauty products will be on every beauty bloggers wish list, when they release a range of lashes, mascaras and kardazzle compacts, followed by a larger range in 2013. I for one am always seeking out that perfect shade of nude pink lip gloss that Kim proudly pouts. The girls always look flawlessly made up, but are also proud to show their make-up free faces, making them accessible to the normal girl, sitting at home thinking how do they look like that?

According to a press release, the brand aims to bring “quality products to the mass customer with exquisite formulas to emulate the eyes, lips and complexion looks for which the Kardashian sisters are famous.”

I’ll take one of everything please!!
Happy Friday!! x x

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