Mastering The Bold Lip

Mastering The Bold Lip


The festive season calls for make-up with some punch, whether that’s a glittery eye, fabulous lashes or, you guessed it – the bold lip. This is after all the look of the season, and whether you’re shifting towards deep plums, oxblood hues *yikes* or the classic red, you need to perfect that pout and master that bold lip. No jokers allowed.

Follow my simple tips and tricks and you will be poutiful in no time. See what I did there.

1. Prep that pout! Cracked flaking lips, are not a cute look, so you need to get them in tip top condition before you draw attention to them with a bold lip. Get yourself a lip scrub like the delicious¬†Santa’s Scrub from Lush.. it tastes of cola! Follow the scrub with a super hydrating lip balm like the Chap Stick 8 hour moisturizer.

2. Line those kissers! The best tool by far is a waxy lip liner that will prevent your lipstick feathering, but if you don’t have one of these don’t skip the liner! Choose one in the closest shade to the lipstick you will be using, and carefully line your lips. If you are drawing over your natural lip line for fuller lips, be sure to lightly powder to keep it in place. Next fill in your entire lips with the lip liner. Just a light covering will do. If your lipstick comes off later in the night at least you’ll have a base stain so you avoid the ‘rimmed lip’ look.

3. Use that lip brush! Bold lips must be perfect otherwise you run the risk of looking like you’ve been downing the Merlot, and you weren’t shy about it! Once you’ve applied your color with a lip brush and perfected the shape of the lips,¬† you can go back in and apply the color directly from the tube to the lips. This will give you the full impact of the bold color lipstick.

4. Powder those puckers! You don’t want this to budge, so whip out a tissue lightly cover your lips, and gently dust translucent powder over the tissue on to the lips. If you need more color intensity, apply a second coat of lipstick.

5. Conceal the edges! Use a cosmetic Qtip for any clean ups. Whip out your favorite concealer, and with a thin brush gently go around the outside of your lips to conceal any smudges or wobbly lines. Blend outward away from the lips so the concealer isn’t noticeable. This will also give you the illusion of fuller looking lips.

6. Lock that color down! You have now mastered the bold lip. Congrats! Don’t let all the hard work go to waste. If you want the color to last all night then apply a slick of Lip Cote which will keep that color in place.

Now your lips look amazing, it’s still advisable to drink through a straw though, eat carefully, and get regular up dates on ‘lipstick on the teeth status.’ No one said looking glam comes without its pitfalls!


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