Budget Buy: Maybelline Fit Me! Shine Free Foundation

Budget Buy: Maybelline Fit Me! Shine Free Foundation

DSC02565The new Maybelline Fit Me Shine Free foundation was an obvious choice for this shiny faced gal. I’m obsessed with being shine free, and often hate a foundation if it makes me look like I’m greased up for the oven. No thank you. Whilst I can always doctor up a product with anti-shine, blotting papers, and powder – this foundation is instantly appealing as it cuts out the multiple base application steps. Score. It lets you dump the layers of make-up, and just use the one product to cover, conceal and mattify. What’s not to love! may

Those with a keen eye will know that I don’t normally ‘do’ budget foundation. It’s not that I’m a foundation snob – I know there are some great drug store options out there – It’s just I really dislike the pressure of having to chose the correct color when there aren’t a lot of mirrors to check, or testers to try. It can be quite the stressful experience! Miraculously I chose the perfect shade of this baby without so much as a hand swab. Unbelievable. I’m pretty tanned right now, so I went for 230 – Natural Buff which is a great shade for me.

So how was it?

Pretty darn great! The stick formula is fun to use, as it’s reminiscent of a giant crayon you can color your entire face with, then lightly blend in. I used my fingers for the blending bit, which I think would be the only way to make this work. The best part is, it makes doing your base extremely quick!

Does it really keep you shine free?

Yes, but if you have any dry skin it will stick to it, so make sure you are flake free and hydrated.  It keeps you matte, but still allows your skin a pretty glow, not dewy, just a healthy radiance.

What else?

It has a bit of a weird scent, and the packaging appears a little cheap, but hey this is a drug store brand so you know… It’s lightweight to use, and for me I like the coverage – heavier than a BB but not as heavy as say Giorgio Armani Luminous silk.


A great budget option for those who don’t want to spend a months wages on foundation. Plus, you buy this, you can skip the powder and all the other bits that makes ones wallet weep. I like.

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