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On one of my little getaways this summer I visited the vibrant and thriving city of Miami, and it is cool. You may remember me rambling on about how much I love Miami, and here I go again. An ode to Miami is about to commence.

Miami is the kind of place that is so buzzy and so much fun, that if you’re going there for partying, you’ll probably need a holiday, post holiday. Now I did Miami in a pretty relaxed way; lots of people watching, beach dwelling, sea dipping, cocktail drinking, dinner eating kind of way, and it was gooood.

We stayed at the very beautiful Art Deco Riviera Suites Hotel which is extremely well located, just 2 blocks from the beach, a hop skip and a jump from Lincoln, the most amazing street for shopping and eating, and very close to the stunning Delano for  cocktails at the Rose Bar. LOVE.  It’s also a really short cab ride from Ocean Drive which is the crazy party place, but far enough away that you can actually get some sleep at night. Bonus. Did I mention that the Riviera Suites also has a free nightly happy hour, where the inventive bar tender will create you a gin juice cocktail, making you just like Snoop. His words not mine. 

I’m a huge movie geek, so a lot of these photos were movie and TV locations, including some of my favorites, ‘Mixed Nuts,’ The Bird Cage’ and there’s ‘Something about Mary.’ If you haven’t seen any of those get thee to Netflix immediately! There’s also a lil’ picture of me outside Versace’s house, which is now on sale for about 60 million, apparently a bargain price.

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Some of my favorite places we ate at were The News Cafe, where Versace used to buy his newspapers, Sushi Samba, and not forgetting the incredible Peruvian food that can be found all over Miami.

In the words of Liz Lemon, ‘I want to go to there.’ Do you?

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