The Ultimate Motorola Smart Nursery Review

The Ultimate Motorola Smart Nursery Review

With a baby as my sidekick, having anything that promises to make life simpler and easier, gets my attention. To say that being a new parent is daunting is an understatement and truly, you’ll never question yourself more than when you bring home a new baby. When I first had the wee one, I downloaded every single app that I heard of, to help me and to help streamline the roller coaster process that is parenting for newbies. So, when I was asked to take the brand new Motorola Smart Nursery products for a spin – a selection of the worlds most intelligent connected baby care products – I couldn’t have been happier.

The basic idea behind the award winning smart nursery products is that you can pair each one with an app called Hubble which is basically like ‘the cloud’ and then you can access and control all the devices from your phone. You can track, monitor and analyse anything from sleep patterns, to yours and baby’s weight, to controlling the light show on the dream machine and turning the humidifier on and off – to name but a few features! You’ll also be sent alerts and more, allowing you to use the information to create the perfect nursery environment for your baby.

The Motorola Smart Nursery consists of…

The Smart Nursery Cam – RRP £169.99

We all know that a monitor is a necessary item for anyone’s nursery. Especially if the baby has made the giant leap that is sleeping in their own room! I for one really needed to see if she got herself into any mischief, so a camera was a must have item for me. This portable Wi-Fi video baby camera with a rechargeable battery features HD (Up to 1080p) video streaming, smile and cry detection and sleep quality monitoring to discover more about your baby. The wonderful thing about this camera is that it’s wireless, so you can move it easily and quickly around the house. It will also send you notifications if there’s a lot of movement in the room, plus you can play music and talk via your phone, through to the camera, to your baby. It’s quite amazing. The only downside I could see about this camera is that there’s a bit of a lag time when you move it in different directions to see your baby. You need a little more patience than if you were moving the camera on a regular monitor and it might not be the most user-friendly monitor for grandparents to use – but other than that, I thought this camera had a lot of really interesting features.

The Smart Nursery Alert Sensors – Single Pack: RRP £29.99 / Twin Pack: RRP £49.99

These handy sensors are for when baby is a little older so you can pop them on to doors, windows, cupboards – basically anything you want to make sure your bubs can’t get into. I put this on a gate that I have on the stairs in my house and it sends an alert to my phone via the app if the gate has been left open. This product gives me peace of mind and I love that it can be moved around the house as baby grows and gets older. Plus you could track this when you’re out at work, so you’ll always know whats going on – even if you’re not there!


The Smart Nursery Baby & Me Scales: Android. RRP £79.99

Anyone who dreads the weekly weigh-ins will love these scales. Simply create a profile for you and your baby then monitor and track yours and baby’s weight. Simply weigh yourself, then step on with the baby and the smart scales will automatically work out how much baby weighs – no math needed. If you’re suffering from baby brain this is the ultimate feature! The scales will send all the information to the app, so you can chart baby’s development. Up to three additional adults can also chart their progress, so it’s a great choice to replace the traditional bathroom scales.

The Smart Nursery Humidifier: RRP £99.99

After my baby suffered from a seemingly never ending stuffy nose, I searched far and wide for the best humidifier. Her blocked nose definitely affected her sleep and she simply couldn’t settle well at night because she couldn’t breathe easily. The humidity in a baby’s nursery plays a key part in a baby’s quality of sleep and this connected humidifier features air and water purification to help the baby breathe easier. Again, you can control this from your phone. Increasing the amount of mist emitted and turning it off and on. It has 4 levels of cool mist diffusion and 3 timers that you can control, helping to reduce dry eyes, itchy skin, and those pesky stuffy noses. This really helped when my baby had a cold recently and I love that you don’t have to go creeping into their bedroom to turn it off! It holds about a gallon of water and is incredibly easy to use and fill up. Plus it look pretty sleek.

The Smart Nursery Dream Machine: RRP £79.99

This handy little device has got to be one of my favourites. It creates a lovely animated scene on the ceiling ( you can choose from 3 scenes), it plays lullabies that you can download and has coloured night lights. You can also talk through the Motorola Smart Nursery Dream Machine and turn on the audio feature so you can hear what’s going on.  I didn’t hold out much hope for this at first as I’ve tried various other sleep devices, but the picture quality of the animated ceiling light show is just incredible and was a real hit with my baby. I think that it definitely helped to lull her to sleep. I took this picture during the day when the sun came out – so you can see just how effective and clear the projections are. It does emit a fair amount of light, so I also love that you can turn this off without stepping a toe inside their bedroom. After all, sleep is the ultimate goal!

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