My current skincare routine

Blog reading often leads me down a dangerous path when it comes to the ol’ purse strings. I have lists of “must buy products” etched on to every note pad loitering around my desk. The great thing is though, it’s made me a lot more picky when I purchase, backed up by all my blog lovin’ knowledge. There was a time when I was a one brand gal, Clinique – been there, Liz Earle – done that, Clarins – that was like so 2006, but combining brands, taking your pick of the best bits, is the winning combination.

I’m not entirely happy with my skincare stash. I still need to add a great serum, maybe an acid or two, and I need the Glam Glow mask in my life, like now. Ha! Don’t be intimidated though, remember I am a beauty junkie, so as long as you cleanse tone and moisturize, you’ll be fine, oh and throw in a eye cream for good measure (this is how it starts!) Plus, my wallet hates me and I’ll be eating soup for the next year. If you fancy a peek into the products I’m using now, bearing in mind everyone’s skin is different and will react differently to products, here’s my current skincare line up;
Eye Make-up remover: I’m using Maybelline Clean Express, classic eye make-up remover. This is a new one for me, but so far I’m liking it. It has a fresh scent, it’s a gel like consistency and will leave your eyes hydrated and cleansed without making them greasy. This hasn’t irritated my super sensitive eyes at all, which is a huge bonus.

Cleanser: I’m still loving Caudalie instant foaming cleanser. It’s water activated, fresh, and leaves my skin soft, smooth and clean.

Moisturizer: Loving Origins Make a Difference Plus rejuvenating moisturizer. Its soothing, and does exactly what it claims. Possibly a little heavy for hot and humid climates during the day though.skin3

Eye Cream: The Origins Eye Doctor has got to be one of the best eye creams I’ve tried. Its extremely hydrating, and soothing (that will be the cucumber), and green tea extract helps fight off free radical damage.

SPF: I’m in a super hot, sunny climate, and being outside everyday, even just walking the dogs is enough for me to burn, or cause damage to my skin I can’t see. I go for a Broad Spectrum sunscreen that protects against both aging and burning. I’m currently using Neutorgena Ultra Sheer SPF 55. It does give you a little whitish tinge so you have to rub this in well, but it is light and non greasy, and hasn’t caused any breakouts. The downside is, it does sometimes sting my skin, but I’ll be sticking to it, until I can find a product I prefer.skin2

Mask: The REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask is still my favorite mask I’ve tried in a long time. It seems to chomp away dead and flaky skin, and leave the skin glowing, and smooth. I really must buy the full size version of this! I use this when I remember or need some de-flaking. Lurverly.

Exfoliator: I love REN products and this Jojoba Microbead Purifying Polish for sensitive skin is perfect. It has very fine grains to help slough off dead skin, and keep skin looking healthy and rejuvenated. I use this about once or twice per week.

Moisturizing Spray: I’m in love with the Caudalie grape water moisturizing spray. I find this refreshes my skin, leaves it soft and cool, and helps seal in other products I’ve used before it. This is always the last step in my skin care routine.

Beauty line up down, not too extensive for a beauty blogger but a decent offering. I’ve got my eye on you Elizabeth Arden Night repair…get ready to join the stash!

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